Customized Solutions – OEM

We are used to developing and manufacturing customer products for the respective private label of the customer. Right from the start, products are developed for the processes the customer needs and they are delivered on a "turn key" basis. In doing so, our comprehensive experience in very different technical fields is very helpful. Frequently, Helicom and its customers are "first movers", for example:

  • development of an LCD television (1996)
  • development of barcode scanners with SMS communication (1997)
  • development of GPS-telematic devices for cars (1999)
  • development of an integrated barcode- and RF-ID terminal with GSM/GPRS (2002)
  • development of a telephone with encoded chip cards and central server (2004)
  • development of a POS system with RF-ID prepaid cards (2006)
  • development of a multi-functional alarm device with GPRS (2008)
  • development of an integrated camera-scan-devices with 2D-scan-engine, GPSner with GPS and transmitting online features based on mobile networks GPRS/EDGE (2010)
  • development of an GPRS printer usable in online food ordering systems for restaurants (2012)
  • development of a small sized 2D-barcode scanner with GPS, wirless charging and completely integrated mobile communication features based on 3G standards (2014)
  • development of remote managment tools for administration and control of mobile devices (2016)